First-class Zahedi dates of Qirokarzin ویژه

برای دیدن عکس‌ها در اندازه اصلی روی آن کلیک نمایید

Selling dates. I am a date producer
Sale of luxury Zahedi dates
Sale of Zahedi super grade dates
Sale of first class Zahedi dates
Sale of second grade Zahedi dates
Sale of Zahedi dried dates
Sale of third grade Zahedi dates
Zahedi dates are first class in Fars province
With various packages

Completely organic

Ideal for domestic and foreign markets

As :: sorting. brand. The label is made directly according to your order

I have a date garden and I have a high tonnage available throughout the year. Date of Zahedi. Special. Shahani. Piyarom. Kabakab. Rotab. Majol. Rotab Kabakab. Khasoii. Rabi.

I have a variety of high tonnage dates

For ordering and exporting

Whatsapp. Emo .989172270639

Call for inquiries



First-class Zahedi dates of Qirokarzin - ایران آگهی یاب - 1

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